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Why should you choose us as your source of the best collector motorcycles available for sale?

01 Jun 2023

As you all know, collecting something is very specific: most collectors set very high quality and condition standards to the items in their collections, so when it comes to vehicles, it gets really tough to find old exemplars in perfect condition. And do you know what? Perfect condition motorcycles are exactly that what you get when buying from us. Some of our motorcycles are more than 50 years old, but every single one of them looks like an original one, it has amazing quality because of their restorage by true experts in their area. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages you get what buying from us.

What restoration processes are implemented and why is Dnepr Motors my choice for restored military vehicles?


military motorcycle with sidecar

So, first of all we should say that everything done by us can be mean the things done by the some of the best people in this industry. They restore the worn parts and either replace some of them with the original identical Dnepr motorcycle parts, or weld and clean current ones with the help of the best equipment and great skills. Then follow such processes as painting, polymerization and assembling of all parts together. As everything is done by the experts, you can be 100% sure that you get the highest quality vehicle that will definitely be an embellishment of your collection.

Why should I work with you besides of that?

Well, if you’re really into collecting motorcycles, you know that it’s a great problem for a collector to find restored Soviet military vehicles for sale in the USA. And even if you manage to find the one, we are almost certain that it is far away from the perfect conditions of a motorcycle you get when buying from us. Dnepr motorcycles are a really tasty piece of a pie for collectors, so working with us gets you quite a great deal: a perfect combination of vehicles great condition and price.

And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of our Dnepr motorcycles on sale, their year of manufacture and prices:

  • Dnepr MB-750 (1974, $8900);
  • Dnepr MT (1965, $7900);
  • Dnepr K-750 (1969, $7999).
  • And even more!

Also take into account that the mass production of Dnepr motorcycles is discontinued, and this fact definitely makes them more important for collectors. So now go to our gallery and take a look at the photos and videos: we are pretty sure that this will finally convince you!

Sounds good. But how do I get Dnepr motorcycle parts if they are not manufactured anymore?

Oh, don’t be concerned at all, we got you on this! You can find all the motorcycle parts you need on our website, and we can easily supply them wherever needed countrywide, if you don’t have a possibility to get it on your own from New Jersey. All of our parts are of the highest quality and they represent our preferred way of dealing with all the business we have: combine the affordable prices with quality and get loyal and satisfied customers.

So, if you haven’t yet decided to get yourself a Dnepr motorcycle for your collection, you should probably contact us for more information. All the contacts are listed below. Hopefully that will help you to make up your mind and join the army of proud Dnepr owners!