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Why exactly should I watch out for Russian military motorcycles, especially the ones with a sidecar?

01 Jun 2023


Well, there can’t be only one simple answer to this question: it’s a kind of a complex decision and we’ll try to explain, why it’s worth to try it out. First of all, we should surely advise you to look at the pictures and videos on our website and make sure you choose our company — Dnepr Motors. We offer the collectible motorcycles for sale, and the word “collectible” should already tell you a lot about the quality of our job. Secondly, if you’re a little confused with a sidecar, we can sort you out as well: most models have an option to unplug it and ride without it, if you’re going to use the motorcycle in the everyday life. Let’s take a look at the history of Russian Dnepr motorcycles to understand their special features.

The history of Russian motorcycles


fully restored army motorcycle

Dnepr military motorcycles have first appeared at the scene in 1951, when the Soviet government needed to replace some old models that couldn’t attain the military goals of the country anymore. So, the first model K-1B was not quite like those one that we sell, but it made the way for something big to come up in the coming years. We’ll skip a couple of chapters here and just tell you that something big did really come up. The most popular models were MT, MB-750, K-750 etc. We have all of the most common models in stock and ready to use: completely restored motorcycles wait for you to come and get them in New Jersey. So, yes, the Dnepr motorcycles have served the Soviet Union for a long long time and they would do so until now if it wasn’t for financial problems of the factory. That’s why they’re collectible — they just aren’t being manufactured anymore!

Completely restored? Tell me more about that.

Yeah, you got it right: we professionally restore our motorcycles before putting them on sale. It takes quite a lot of time and efforts, but we can ensure you, it’s completely worth it. So our masters, absolutely well-skilled and drilled with the unique experience in this area restore the worn parts by welding, cleaning, repainting and polymerizing them or just replace them with the new identical ones. The photos of this process can be found on our website.

Sounds great, but I’m still not entirely convinced that I should work with you…

restored military motorcycle

We needto specify something before saying anything more: if you haven’t found any informationyou were lookingfor on our website, feel free to contact us and make sure that nothing’s left unexplained. And now a couple of arguments, why we are the right choice for you:

  • If you look at the market today, you will probably notice that there aren’t many reliable places to buy vintage motorcycles, especially professionally restored Russian motorcycles.
  • We, on the contrary, can offer you exactly that thing. You can find the feedback from our clients, see the full processes of restoration with the help of videos and photos and of course see our items with your own eyes when you visit us.
  • We’re the main source for the completely restored Dnepr motorcycles in the USA, and that’s why you definitely should work with us.

So we hope you find this material helpful and interesting. And if not, then, feel free to contact us and ask whatever you want to know about us and our motorcycles!