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Why are we considered the most reliable source providing Dnepr motorcycles in the USA for sale?

01 Jun 2023

To be fair, there’s not a big amount of places where you can find vintage motorcycles for sale in the USA. And even less places when it comes to soviet motorcycles like Dnepr. So, we’re glad to introduce you the world of restored soviet vintage motorcycles — Dnepr Motors. Restoring ex-military motorcycles and making them comfortable and suitable for your everyday life or your growing collection are the things we’re dealing with. Every single machine we restore undergoes a complete restoration, so we can assure you that you’re going to enjoy great and extraordinary experience with them.

What makes our Dnepr motorcycles so special?

We’d like to point out that all of our experts who restore the machines, are the first-class specialists, well-skilled and experienced in this exact area. All in all, Dnepr motorcycles are one of the best types of vintage motorcycles that you can find on sale in the USA, because it was such a high-caliber and progressive piece of military equipment at the time that it was considered to be one of the best in the world. So, even now, with a little help of our experts, those vintage motorcycles, restored of course, can do a great job in being a collectible object as well as just a vehicle.

What models of restored vintage motorcycles are available for sale?

The following table can show you the models of Dnepr motorcycles we sell and how their technical characteristics look. Let’s compare three of our ex-military motorcycles and the price they have when going for sale.

Model Year of manufacture Technical characteristics Price
MB-750 1974 Sidecar, 2 wheel drive, reverse gear, 749cc engine capacity, whole NEW battery, 6V electric system $8900
MT 1965 Sidecar (option to remove it), reverse gear, 12V electric system, 649cc engine capacity $7900
K-750 1969 Sidecar (option to remove it), 6v electric system, 649cc engine capacity, NEW battery $7999

It’s needless to even say that all of the motorcycles are fully restored and ready to use, despite their age and the way that they have to pass to get to you. They rock perfect condition as well and you can see with your own eyes when you come to visit us in New Jersey (full address can be found on the web-site). You can also choose an option to get the delivery of the motorcycle right next to your door, if you want to.

Where can I get spare parts in case something happens?

So, first of all we want to ensure you that if you consistently monitor the state of your motorcycle and follow the rules of its safe usage, you can be sure that you won’t need any spare parts for a really long time. But we all know that the force majeure situations can happen to every single one of us, and that’s exactly the reason we are ready to supply you with all the spare parts you need. You can find the whole list of the items available for our restored vintage motorcycles on our website in the “SPARE PARTS” section.

But once again, you can always get all the assistance you need by contacting us and getting in touch. Our experts will gladly provide you with all the useful information and everything else you may need.

So, hopefully we did our best ensured you that you can rely on us when it comes to the high quality of Dnepr motorcycles for sale. We can’t wait for a moment you can call yourself a proud owner of that piece of beauty in the guise of motorcycle. Make sure you contact us and get yourself a new shiny machine, that will surely make you stand out wherever you go!