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The advantages of our company when buying the best vintage motorcycles

01 Jun 2023

We are proud to say that have been successfully and professionally restoring and selling Russian military motorcyles Dnepr for many years. If you buy motorcycles in our store, you are guaranteed to have no future problems with your new vehicle. We can also assure you that your machine consists of the new parts only, because we always replace the worn details with new ones, when restoring the motorcycles, that we’re going to sell in the USA. In our store you can find the vintage military motorcycles with sidecar as well as the models that allow to unplug the sidecar. All the motorcycles are original and represent the best possible quality of all their spare parts.

Something about the history of Dnepr motorcycles

fully restored army motorcycles fjr sale

Soviet-Ukrainian motorcycles Dnepr were being produced at Kyiv motorcycle factory (KMZ) since 1951, but last ones were made about ten years ago, and then the production was discontinued because of the financial problems. As for now, the mass production of new versions of this reliable, effective and beautiful motorcycles can’t be continued, and that’s the reason why we’re restoring and selling them, now also in the USA. Dnepr often is rightfully considered to be one of the best (if not the best) vintage military motorcycles for sale in the world, so buying it from us you get not just a vehicle, but even some kind of art!

How do we restore our motorcycles?

  • The whole process is being controlled by the well-trained and skilled experts, who work with the up-to-date and reliable equipment only;
  • It all begins with the delivery of the motorcycles to our shop, where we restore them and pretty much get them ready to selling;
  • The next stage is the restauration of the worn parts that includes welding, cleaning, getting rid of the old paint and so on;
  • The process ends with painting, polymerization of all restored parts and then assembling the motorcycle;
  • Despite the labour intensity and difficulty of that process, our specialists always show the highest level of excellence and are in fact very skilled experts who can easily get the machines into their original condition, so that you can buy the vintage motorcycles from us at the best price.

All in all, this whole process of restauration of our motorcycles can easily be called exemplary, because of the constant quality control of our best specialists, who are well-skilled and drilled in the area of restoring machines, some of which have taken the way as long as 60 years to get to us!

What kind of motorcycles are available to buy?

restored russian army vintage motorcycle

On our web-site you can buy such restored motorcycles, as for example Dnepr MB-750, Dnepr MT, Dnepr K-750 and much more. As you probably know, one of the main features of Dnepr military motorcycles is their comfortable and functional sidecar. But if you don’t need one, there are models which allow to unplug the sidecar (for example K-750) and riding without it for a better experience on public roads and in the cities. So, you can use our motorcycles as a full-functional vehicle, not only for your collection or any kind of exhibitions.

Our motorcycles are in New Jersey, you can take them on your own or, if there’s no such possibility, we can organize the delivery right to your door! All vintage motorcycles that you can see on our website are ready for sale and don’t need any further actions from your side.

So, that’s exactly why you should choose us in case you want to buy a nice vintage motorcycle in the ideal condition in the USA!