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Military style motorcycles for collectors

01 Jun 2023

Such an interesting hobby as a collector of motorcycle is truly one of the unique occupations. Nowadays, a new life can be given to old motorcycles with the help of restoration, forcing the mechanism to work like a new one.

Anyone who wants to create a unique collection, replenish an existing one, or find something unusual, should look at our online store. Have you ever thought about creating a truly unique collection of old motorcycles that once served their masters, patiently working year after year? Or, maybe, motorcycles are your passion since childhood?
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The world market for such vehicles is huge. It is an industry that provides everything necessary for a comfortable ownership of a vehicle. How realistic is it to become the owner of two or three-wheeled antique?

Our company is happy to give you the opportunity to become the owner of an old unique military motorcycle and plunge into the period when the technology was produced. On our website, you can be acquainted with the military motorbikes for sale of a completely new, perfectly working condition. Such a rare thing will complement your collection ideally. We are engaged in selling military motorcycles, which are not inferior to new ones by its characteristics! Each detail is replaced with a brand new, which will allow the vehicle to be used in daily operation. Of course, while driving such a motorcycle, you will be in the spotlight.

There is a huge selection of military motorcycle models and each has its own advantages. You can choose a two-wheeled motorcycle with or without a stroller.

The wheelchair in motorcycles is firmly attached to the body and is used for landing passengers and for placing cargo. Sometimes the stroller can only serve for cargo and not be intended for passengers.

Bringing the connections into working order, setting the gloss, and also searching for missing or failed details – is a very painstaking work. With the help of restoration, we bring the old military motorcycles to an authentic state. During the process, we carefully examine the technique, glean information about required model, change the old parts on a modern analog. Then comes the painting, which includes all the cycles of details preparation, final setting-up of the machinery, adjustment of connections, checking the workability of all mechanisms and equipment. A set of measures aimed to prevent subsequent destruction and to achieve optimal conditions for long-term preservation, providing an opportunity to further discover its new, previously unknown properties.

From our website, you can order absolutely original restored copies with a complete set. Buying from us you will get an excellent condition motorcycles and the best quality spare parts. Few of our motorbikes are more than fifty years old, but each of them looks like brand new, amazing quality achieved through the professional work of true specialists in this field.
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If you have any questions, you can contact us to get more information. Here you can find all the vehicle parts you need and we can easily supply them wherever you need countrywide. Our old military style motorcycles are the real catch for fans of military equipment. We are always open to hear all the wishes of our customers!